MAE Physicians Surgery Center, LLC

Preparing for Surgery


Plan to check in at the time designated by your physician’s office.  This will allow adequate time for the nurses to prepare you for surgery.  Consider bringing a book, office work, or needlework to help pass the time while waiting to go to surgery.  You will also need to bring your driver’s license or another form of identification.

The time of arrival that your physician's office gives you is not the time your surgery is scheduled to begin.  It is only your arrival time.  The time of your surgery will depend on the order in which your surgeon has decided to schedule the patients for that day, so it is not uncommon to expect to wait until time for your procedure to begin.  We will make you as comfortable as possible during this wait.  You may want to bring a sweater or jacket with you as the waiting area can be cool.

Please be sure to bring your insurance identifications cards for any insurance company or companies through which you plan to file a claim.  If you do not have health insurance, you should contact the surgery center to make payment arrangements, in which case a deposit will be required at the time of admission.  To arrange an alternative payment plan, please call the business office at 601-968-1790 as soon as your procedure has been scheduled.  You may be required to pay in advance a portion of the charges at the time of admission and pay the remainder in monthly installments.


If you become ill, have a persistent cough or fever, or other significant changes in your medical condition before your scheduled surgery, or if you have an questions about your daily medications or surgery, please contact your personal physician or the preadmit nurse at 601-968-1402.


If your procedure requires general anesthesia, do not eat or drink anything (including mints or gum) after midnight, the day before the surgery.  This is extremely important.  You may brush your teeth and rinse your mouth but take care that you do not swallow any water.  Due to the possibility of vomiting, even a sip of fruit juice, coffee or water can dramatically increase the risks related to anesthesia or cause your surgery to be cancelled or delayed.  If your child is the patient, take particular care to observe him/her to be certain no food or water is taken during the hours mentioned above.

At the time of admission, you will be asked to sign a form that gives PSC permission to proceed with the scheduled outpatient procedures. A parent or guardian must sign the operative permit for unmarried patients younger than 18.

If required diagnostic tests have not been completed beforehand, the tests will be conducted as part of your surgical preparation.  A urine specimen will be obtained at the time of admission on all females (unless you have had a tubal ligation, hysterectomy or have gone through menopause).

You must have a relative or friend drive you to and from the facility.  For twenty-four hours following your procedure you should not drive a car, ride a bus or take a taxicab alone.  Your surgery will be cancelled if you have not made arrangements for someone to drive you home.

Dress in comfortable attire.  Remove all cosmetics, including mascara and perfume.  Leave jewelry or valuables at home, or with a relative or friend who accompanies you.  The PSC will not assume responsibility for the valuables you bring with you. 


While you are in the surgical unit, please limit your guests to 1-2 people.  A nurse will keep them posted on your progress.


At the PSC, part of your recovery period will be spent in the Progressive Recovery Area.  One or two relatives or friends may wait with you during this phase of your recovery.

When the physician determines that your condition is stable, you will be released to rest and recover at home.  If your physician determines that your condition warrants continued observation and care or an overnight stay, you may be admitted to the Baptist Medical Center.


Any instructions for personal care following your outpatient procedure will be given to you and your family before you are discharged.  A relative or friend must accompany you.  Do not plan to return home unattended.

They made me feel very comfortable because I was so nervous..