MAE Physicians Surgery Center, LLC

Advance Directives

If you have an Advanced Directive notice, please review the following waiver that you will sign on your day of surgery.

If you do not have an Advanced Directive and would like some information on one, you may notify us on your day of surgery and this will be provided to you.



I understand that MAE Physicians Surgical Center, LLC (MAE PSC) provides outpatient, same day surgery for elective patients. Although, I have assigned Advance Directives, I understand that during my stay at MAE PSC, my request for a "No Code" or "DNR" status will not be honored. I understand that in the case of a life-threatening emergency, the staff will employ any and all life saving measures for me. Therefore, I am waiving my right to have a "No Code" or "DNR" status during my stay at MAE PSC. If I am transferred to another facility for any reason, my Advance Directives will be part of my record and communicated to the receiving facility.

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